Mikon Farming was started 1986 by owner Greg Anderson through his passion for the poultry industry. From humble beginnings & placing only 13,000 day old chicks per week, the demand for excellent quality chicken at an affordable price has seen the demand for Mikon chicken products growing to the point where we currently place 60,000 chicks per week.

Mikon takes pride in rearing & processing our birds in an ethical, humane & as natural as possible way, in a commercial setup. Our chickens have well ventilated houses & ample space to roam around in safety, with natural lighting, clean bedding & they drink clean mountain spring water. We have an onsite abattoir which slaughters 8000 chickens per day, using predominantly manual methods, ensuring attention to detail. We have a several meat examiners & inspector throughout the process, ensuring that the consumer only gets the BEST QUALITY CHICKEN!